The Quadro washbasin is an innovative product that combines steel and marble (or Okite) in a single unit, materials that so far had been used only separately. It’s a perfect sink to blend and merge into the top of the kitchen for a seamless surface: a result that is extremely functional, but with a highly attractive design.
For the first time, in fact, steel is used as a structure that provides support to the stone inside. A revolutionary method that combines the best steel and stone have to offer: in the Quadro washbasin, the steel structure prevents infiltrations, while the stone surfaces remains easy to clean. The steel tub is also designed with gradients to avoid water stagnation. Quadro is a lightweight product that is easy to assemble.
Supplied complete with drain and overflow, it can be installed not only in the kitchen, but also on tops and in the bathtubs. Quadro is available in several colours and in the following versions: bathtub under-top, small tub, double tub. It merges with the worktop to create a total look effect, or in contrast for those who love colour variety. The Quadro washbasin is a patented product made in Italy.