Established in 1980 by Francesco Testani, the company changes its name to Artemarmi in 1998.
Today the architects Massimiliano Testani and Francesco Manchi coordinate a staff of technicians who are highly specialised in developing projects of high design, interior and outdoor furniture, street furniture, large public works.
Our mission
Thanks to our enthusiasm and our hard work, we want to offer the best to all those who love the precious quality of nature, exalting the search for beauty combined with efficiency, using the best technologies in full respect of a human-scale environment.
Our values
The attention in the world of design and architecture, the search for new materials and new manufacturing processes without sacrificing craftsmanship are the main values that each day are a part of Artemarmi’s business.
A passion for beauty, innovation, sustainability, human resource development: this is our world.
We want to be a leader in the field of design and architecture by manufacturing products of excellence that improve the quality of life of all those who choose us.


The continuing need to use state of the art manufacturing systems that are also environmentally friendly underlies the mission of Artemarmi.
A path along which technology, the culture of marble and respect for man and the environment play a key role.
Sustainable technology passes through the use of systems of excellence in the field of the environment, like sewage treatment plants and dust extraction systems, mud compactors and the use of solar power.
Artemarmi’s sustainability is therefore affordable, social and eco-friendly for the customers, employees, suppliers and the communities with which the company interacts, feeding the value chain that distinguishes us.